What is Holy Communion or Holy Eucharist?
  • Holy Eucharist is one of the sacraments acknowledged by the Church of the Province of Southern Africa.
  • In the Holy Eucharist the life that we received at Baptism is fed and sustained with the body and blood of Jesus Christ: it stresses the ongoing nature of our Christian lives.
  • The bread that is broken symbolises the body of Christ as it was given in death on the cross. The wine that is poured out symbolises His blood that was shed on the cross. The death of Christ facilitates our salvation, and our deliverance from sin and death.
  • Holy Eucharist symbolises our unity with Christ, and the bond between ourselves and other Christians.
Why are children admitted to receive Holy Communion before Confirmation ?
  • The Church allows children who are Baptised, and who are older than 8 years of age to be admitted to receive communion.
  • The new life which the children received at Baptism is fed and nurtured through receiving the body and blood of Christ.
  • Children who are part of the worshipping community of the Church are part of the Body of Christ, and so it is right that they share in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist which is a celebration of the unity of Christians with God, and with each other.
What are the responsibilities of the parents and Godparents ?
  • Parents are expected to attend Church regularly, and so share in the life of the Body of Christ.
  • Parents are expected to be regular communicants within the Parish.
  • Parents and Godparents are expected to pray for their children, and encourage them to attend Church regularly and so grow in their Christian faith until they come to confirmation.
What must we do to arrange for our child to be admitted to receive Holy Communion ?
  • Complete the relevant form and return it, together with the child’s Baptismal certificate, to the Parish Office.
  • Children (and parents) must attend a series of classes to learn about the meaning of Holy Eucharist.
  • These classes take place for 6 weeks before they are admitted to receive Holy Communion.
  • Classes are held after the 9.30 am service at All Souls (and at St Johns) on Sunday mornings.
  • Children are admitted to receive Holy Communion on Corpus Christi (when the Church celebrates the institution of Holy Communion).